Top Surfing and Escaping (diary entry)


Tuesday night’s third and final lesson was my teacher consultation class. Matters moved in a totally different direction as my client now has her lockdown daughter present for partner training. Despite my client having an excellent background and level of experience in submission grappling, I was asked to cover this topic as a means of refreshing information and providing an insight into my approach to this area.

We went through my clockwise and anti-clockwise pin drill. This is a transition from side control to scarf-hold to north-south to scarf-hold to side control to knee-pin to side control to reverse scarf-hold to full-mount to knee-pin and then back to the start position. Given the experience of the two fighters I also had them neatly link the two versions of the drill with a reverse scarf-hold to full-mount to knee-pin to the new starting position.

My drill was partly inspired by a transitional pinning drill taught by my old coach, Mo Teague. We added the “heat-seeking kimura” submission that finishes in a kimura-grip armbar. Next we moved onto escapes from the head-lock side control and conventional side control.


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