Tighter Combinations, Speed, Power and Restriction

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The second hour of my clients’ current 10 hour course, continued more revision on the set Western Boxing combination began at the end of the last course. The two lockdown partners worked together for partner drills, then on the focus mitts and then I divided them up into restrictive training and kicking.

The lesson started with a warm-up of callisthenics, dynamic stretching and line-work. Then we shadowed the complete boxing combinations: pendulum step/jab/cross/pendulum step back/parry/parry/slip/lead hook/roll/spleen shot/roll/liver shot/lead hook. This same combination was then fed into a partner drill before being taken onto the focus mitts. Next, I addressed these two lockdown partners’ unique demands. One wishes to focus on develop kicking and other, due to an upcoming operation, will soon be restricted with his movements. The final 6 x 3 minute rounds consisted of using this combination to either camouflage or speed up kicks or to develop punches from restricted positions.

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