Three Sequences of Rounds (diary entry)

student coaching punching focus mitt pad20.02.20


Thursday night’s lesson was my client’s sixth hour of her Junior Mixed Martial Arts course. Tonight we had a review of all ranges, seeking to both isolate areas and transition through them. This was achieved through three sets of rounds which added in cardiovascular endurance.


We began with a warm-up of simple dynamic stretching and specific callisthenic exercises, targeting movement patterns and activating motor units for the tasks that lay ahead. This prepared us for the first set of rounds.


Our first sequence consisted of 4 x 2 minute rounds of shadow boxing interspersed with one minute of active recovery. Round one built up Western Boxing combinations from an MMA perspective. This was followed by a minute of Western Boxing footwork, slips, rolling and takedown defence. Round two went through Muay Thai combinations, chaining kicks and knee strikes to punches. This was followed by a minute of Muay Thai footwork, including shin-checks. Round three covered takedowns and takedown defence. This was followed by a minute of wrestling footwork, including switching levels. The fourth round consisted of groundwork callisthenics such as sit-outs, upas and triangle hip extensions. The final one minute active recovery consisted of various crawls.


The second sequence brought us onto the focus mitts and pads for 4 x 2 minute rounds. Round one was Western Boxing, round two was Muay Thai, round three was stand-up grappling and clinch, and round four was work from top and bottom positions on the ground.


The third sequence consisted of 3 x 5 minute rounds on the pads but including various drills and looking into transition through the ranges. These were divided up into stand-up, clinch and ground. Round one had a stand-up perspective, training boxing and kickboxing principles whilst defending against being clinched. Round two stayed in the clinch and coached fighting from and against the wall as well as set-ups for takedowns and strikes against focus mitts and the belly pad. Round three was all on the ground with the first two and a half minutes being all about fighting in and around the guard and the remaining time defending from active guard positions.


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