Three Half-Guard Attacks (diary entry)

half guard attack11.03.20


Wednesday night’s junior Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting lesson brought us onto strategies from half-guard. The senior MMA lesson continued work focusing on how different disciplines relate to the entire game.


After a warm-up of callisthenics specific for grappling, the junior lesson began with the half-guard. This is the basic half-guard which better suited for Submission Grappling than MMA. We started with the dog-fight sweep which is a very low line attack and is a good beginner position because it teaches the student to be active in their half-guard and not get flattened out. We then looked at counters to an opponent countering this move. This included the Kimura and taking the back. Taking the back moved us onto back mount where we covered securing the position, hooks and the rear naked choke.


We began the MMA training with some Dutch Kickboxing rallies of combinations and counters. Then we moved onto a Thai clinch drill before going to the ground. On the ground we worked both top position and fighting from the defence guard underneath.


The rest of the lesson continued our sparring work from the previous lesson, this time upping the time limit on the rounds. We had 6 x 3 minute rounds using MMA gloves in Boxing, Shoot-Boxing, Kickboxing, Shoot-Kickboxing, Ground ‘n Pound and Guard Defence.

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