The Spear Knee (diary entry)


Hour four of my new client’s course on basic Muay Thai introduced and centred on the spear knee strike. We warmed up with the usual dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises. This led into some line-work involving the spear knee. Here I introduced the Muay Thai concepts behind knee strikes. Of all the most well-known Southeast Asian kickboxing sports – such as Lethwei from Myanmar and Pradel Serey from Cambodia – Muay Thai is perhaps more known for its knee strikes.

We looked at three ways to hold our hands when executing a knee strike – swinging the arm of the knee strike side as a counterweight for longer range targets, covering for a closer range and pulling the arms down of the opponent for very close range. After this I introduced the switch-knee strike.

I then brought these strikes onto the Thai focus mitts and we integrated them into some basic combinations:

Jab/cross/hook/rear knee


Lead teep/rear knee bomb

Rear teep/lead switch-knee

We then completed 3 x 3 minute rounds on the pads, integrating the knee strikes with further combinations covered in the previous lessons such as round kicks and all the blocks.




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