The Southpaw Offensive (diary entry)

southpaw combo19.07.21

Monday night was hour two of my couple’s 10 hour course on switch-hitting in kickboxing. We warmed up with the three-part switch-hitting drill, consisting of transitioning from orthodox to southpaw and from southpaw to orthodox using punches and kicks. Then we focused entirely on fighting from southpaw and using two combinations that helped to develop the strategy. A good early plan in southpaw fighting is to position your lead foot outside your opponent’s. There are many other options than can be done in line wiht the lead foot or even – if you are Benny Leonard – on the the inside! However, for the benefit of those starting out on this path the outside lead foot strategy is a strong place to begin.

We used a teep/fake teep set up to move from a neutral position to the outside angle. From here we used an up-jab and then dropped a roundkick to the opponent’s exposed mid-section, preferably connecting with the liver. I had both my client’s drill this on each other until they became quite fluid. Next, we moved onto a double jab set-up to achieve the same outside position followed by a cross and a round kick.


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