The Same Side Round Kick/Hook Punch Combination (diary entry)


The second lesson in my client’s second course on Muay Thai and Kickboxing for martial arts cross-training brought us onto the round kick. This was not a complete reanalysis of this truly devastating kick in the martial arts world, but rather a look at its integration.
We warmed up with some simple footwork drills on the agility cones changing to mirror work. Although Thai footwork can be performed on the agility cones I find that mirror work is a more effective way to look at the unique rocking rhythm of Thai movement, a point we would return in the final section of tonight’s lesson.
We moved on from mirror work with a revision of the previous lesson’s execution of teeps to low and mid-line targets. This was first done as a simple controlled one-for-one series of movements. We then brought in scooping blocks and leg catches. Then we looked at using the teep to counter a low round kick. This naturally took the focus onto the low round-kick, attacking the inner and outer thigh. This moved up to the mid-line and then the high line before we went back to countering. We covered basic footwork for evading and countering before bringing in the shin-block and then the body-check.
In the vein of previous teep counter to a low round-kick we looked beating round kicks with round kicks, such as the classic low round kick counter to the high round kick. This teaches sharper timing, economy of movement and how to roll with certain strikes.
Finally we covered the same side round-kick/hook punch combination. This is trickier than it looks despite often being thrown in what looks like an instinctive way. It involves using cover and post momentum of the hands to throw the kick and then the hook punch in succession. We worked it off a coach target and then the heavy bag. It requires a degree of coordination and timing, but can be a very fluid and powerful combination.