The Hook & Home Workout (diary entry)

Line-up for right hook 1(small)15.06.2018


We’re on the fourth hour of my client’s early bird 5:30 a.m. lessons. This morning we introduced the hook and looked at how it fitted into core boxing combinations.


The warm-up began with mirror footwork. We then revised jabs, crosses, slipping, and bobbing and weaving. After a few corrections were made, we moved onto the lead hook. I spent the bulk of the lesson training this technique. My view is that it is more difficult than the rear hook, but the rear hook had already been covered to some degree during my client’s self-defence course. Furthermore, I believe that by getting the principles right with a lead hook the rear version is even easier to learn. We looked at core rotation, maintaining a strong defence and pivoting. We learnt the short hook first and then I introduced the longer ranger version.


The hook was then layered into the bobbing and weaving motion. This movement is an excellent means for giving the punch power as well as putting a fighter in a strong position to throw it. The hook was then combined with jab/cross to make a basic three-punch combination and then an extra cross added on to make a four-punch combination. Both are universal basic boxing combinations. I then brought the slip back in and also the bobbing and weaving. We also covered hooks to the body.


The lesson finished with a round of freestyle on the focus mitts – bringing everything together – head movement, footwork, straight punches and hooks – and a round of sparring.


My client requested a short home workout routine with no equipment. I advise the following:

5 minutes Footwork – forward, backward, lateral and angular patterns of movement. Use improvised markers if you wish. Don’t throw a single punch. This is the warm-up.

2 minutes Slipping – slip jabs, slip crosses.

2 minutes Bobbing and Weaving – link on jab/cross combinations, link on hooks, link on three and four punch combinations.

2 minutes Head Movement -slipping, bobbing and weaving with individual punches and combinations.

2 minutes Foot and Head movement – full range of mobility. No punches.

2 minutes Foot and Head move with punches – combine everything

Prison Press-ups & Squats – Begin with 20 press-ups and one squat. Then perform 19 press-ups and two squats. Subtract one from the press-up reps and add one to the squats each time until you are down to one press-up and up to 20 squats. To make to it more specific doing a single rowing action with the press-ups (tightening the core and working the punching withdrawal action) and punch when squatting.

This is a technical workout designed to promote good muscle memory as well as bring in some conditioning elements.


Photograph was taken at the Red Corner Gym in Coventry featuring two greats – John “Awesome” Anderson and one of teachers, Matty Evans.

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