The High Guard (diary entry)

high guard15.06.19

My first lesson on Saturday brought my client up to the two and a half hour point of his course on stand-up fighting. We focused entirely on the use of the high guard and within the context of Western Boxing.

We began with a simple no-gloves breakdown of the high guard position. Creating a heart-shape, my client cupped his hands either side of his temples and cheeks. From here he moved forward and attempted to “walk me down” whilst I fired off light open hand strikes to the head and body. We began with straight punches and then gradually brought in hooks and uppercuts. I gradually tested the high guard with slap-down parries and pushed the elbows.

We then had three rounds of progressive sparring. Round one was completely defence, testing the high guard against pressure. Round two had my client use the body-shot strategy. He moved in under my punches and went to the body. Round three was free-sparring within a restricted area, forcing my client retain the high guard and trade a variety of punches.

Once he was comfortable with doing this he put on the gloves and did some focus mitt work. I then donned gloves and he applied in a freestyle drill. This procedure was then repeated using slips and rolling. We then mixed combinations that used both head movement and footwork.

Picture from Shane Fazen’s excellent Fight Tips YouTube channel. Check him out in the videos below.


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