The Fence and the Guard (diary entry)

The class began with a specific warm-up as per usual, this time incorporating multi-range tig. We then began covering self defence tactics, as the grading now looms. Thie began with the absolute basics – the fence. We looked at the target familiarization/role-play and then onto focus mitts.


As I have often said, the simplicity of the fence is both its strength and weakness. This is why a lot of “natural” fighters don’t really see it, but they use it nonetheless, and why it can be difficult to train and retain. A key point to remember is that you preserve your space and once the fence is touched you respond – there is no decision making process!


Then we moved onto looking at positioning from the guard and the guard. We drilled using the cover from both perspectives and general movement. This position is often practiced as a rest spot, but you rarely get a chance to rest here in MMA. The movement exercises included taking the in-guard fighter’s balance at different stages, training the sensitivity to move when he does. Inside the guard the fighter looked at using the elbows to strike inside the legs and to the body.


The session finished with a few rounds of MMA.

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