The Crunch & The Off-Balance (diary entry)


Today’s final lesson was my 1.5 veteran training class where we are exploring Greco-Wrestling inspired grappling techniques. After some wrestling-based callisthenics, we went back over the three pinch-headlock techniques covered in the last two lessons. These were the throwby, the side headlock variation and the sagging bodylock.

Then we explored “The Crunch” and “The Off-Balance”. The former brings in elements from the pinch-headlock/side headlock takedown and the sagging bodylock. On the surface it looked like a headlock takedown performed with the leg deep between an opponent’s legs. However, a key nuance to the move revealed in its title is the way a wrestler bends or crunches their opponent laterally. The deep knee penetration aspect enables a position whereby the opponent’s ribcage is being forced towards their hip.

The off-balance is a counter to the under-hook attacks we have been using with the pinch-headlock. Here the wrestler counters the under-hook by pressing with their palm under the opponent’s shoulder blade and stepping in front to pop the inside of their thigh and off-balance them. The takedown is completed by gripping the opponent’s head, arm or even abdomen.

We finished the class with five minutes free-sparring.


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