The Clinch of Boxing & Wrestling (diary entry)



This morning’s lesson on Dirty Boxing/Stand-up Mixed Martial Arts brought us to the four-and-a-half-hour point. After the warm-up we moved into five rounds of specific sparring broken up with discussions on improving techniques. My client’s confidence has grown a lot in just 48 hours I am happy to say with a good understand with out to use and deal with boxing clinches. The wrestling is also strong. We now need to go back over Muay Thai clinching aspects and the actual MMA stand-up range.


The rounds were as follows:

1 x 3 minutes Stand-up Wrestling/Grip-Fighting (no takedowns)

1 x 3 minutes Western Boxing

1 x 3 minutes Western Boxing in the clinch

1 x 3 minutes Muay Thai clinch

1 x 3 minutes Mixed Martial Arts clinch


We then moved onto the focus mitts and isolated liver and spleen shots. Next, we isolated head movement in the clinch drawing up inspiration from both Roberto Duran and Joe Frazier. We looked at using the hips to give range for punches and using the head-lean to control the opponent. We then combined these two areas. Finally, we brought in circle-jab entries, upper-cut/under-hook entries and collar-tie entries to set up for both these punches and associated in-fighting head movement.


The lesson was finished with some instructional advice on the heavy bag.

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