The Blitz (diary entry)

05.12.18downward cross

Tonight I began a course on Kickboxing (Muay Thai) for my junior client and my veteran senior client focused on blitzing in MMA.


The junior class introduced a change in guard from the peek-a-boo that we have been covering Western Boxing. My client now adopted a high Thai-style guard, but retained peek-a-boo’s more square-on stance. He also learnt a higher, narrower stance along with the unique rocking movement found in Muay Thai. From here we went back through jabs, crosses and hooks. Next my client was introduced to the shin-check, the teep and the low round kick.


My senior class broke down the blitz first using Jack Dempsey’s stumble step. This method used to put more power behind a straight right teaches a fighter the right way to drive forward for blitzing. Once we had confirmed either side we began linking the movements together. Such techniques are also common in several traditional martial arts. After the techniques were linked we began speeding up the decidedly different footwork. The blitz breaks the conventional footwork patterns we often see in Western Boxing and Muay Thai. The weight shifts forward, but it is then transferred from one foot to the other, in essence we are talking about walking or, to be more specific, running! The blitz is designed run right over an opponent. We then linked it to double leg takedowns.


The lesson finished with a five minute round of MMA sparring.


Photography by Charlotte Von Bulow Quirk

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