The 13th Combination (diary entry)

Kickboxing Personal Training Punching Skype Home Training16.01.21

We made it to magic number 13 in our stand-up combinations on my client’s seventh hour of his current course. Saturday’s lesson consisted of 5 x 10 minute rounds. We began on combination six which is all hand techniques and progressed through varied work, including weaving, slipping, blocking and switch-hitting to support punches, kicks, knees and elbows. I can see real progress with my client who, having worked through these combinations for the past six hours of private lessons now picks up new complex routines at a faster rate and delivers them very fluidly. We discussed the shadow boxing format and the importance of both training for form and training for flow. It is very important that all these combinations are trained with full technique, each of the moves worked in their entirety, but it is equally important that their purpose is properly addressed: to promote rhythm and flow. This became particularly relevant with combination 10’s double rear and double lead body kick. If you just practise these techniques in their full version the fighter is robbed of the fast-twitch muscle behaviour we are trying to create with the rapid kicking. These combinations will eventually be forgotten, but the plan is that they will build up the right attributes.

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