Thai Clinch Webinar

Ryukyukan karate thai clinch24.04.21

I was invited back by Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate to teach a webinar on the muay Thai clinch. We warmed up with dynamic stretching, footwork and basic short-range weapon introductions. Then we moved onto the following areas.

Elbow and Knee Strikes – We covered horizontal, slashing, spear and smash-down elbows as well as spear/long, diagonal and curve knee strikes

Plum Position – Hand positions, forward, backward and pivoting footwork to break posture. This included a set up for a diagonal knee.

Collar and Elbow Position – Hand positions, footwork and dominating the position. This included a curve knee drill used to bait and unbalance an opponnet.

Locking Off – Moving to a dominant position to trap and unbalance an oppponent. This included a setup for a sweep.

Transitioning from Stand-up to Clinch in Muay Thai – Using punching combinations to move into the clinch range.

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