Testing the Transition MMA-style (diary entry)

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As per the previous diary entry, we continued with this project on combative transitioning. This time we started to look at the possibility of having different base drills to teach different tactics, and also included some progressive specific pressure-testing.


We began our transitioning from the warm-up onwards. This started with performing bridges/upa and then sit-ups into a three-punch combination. From here we built on alternate leg-triangles into butterfly guard (mid-range guard) and the three-punch combination again. Then we drilled the three-punch combination and a single-leg takedown as we transitioned between the butterfly guard and combat base positions. Finally we linked the four postures – back, butterfly, combat base and stand-up – with the punching combinations, triangles and single-legs.


This was taken onto the focus mitts and then with a little pressure. We then turned to grappling transitioning through these postures, then we integrated the cover and finally we brought in a round-kick from the mid-guard range and as a switch-kick when transitioning from the combat base. The result was a series of different drill options that reinforces continual activity from the back to the standing.


The lesson finished with progressive pressure-testing within an MMA rule-set. I was satisfied my client was showing huge improvement in being able to fight through postures whilst under pressure.

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