Testing the Ranges with One-Sided Sparring (diary entry)

omoplata specific sparring27.01.2023

Hour 10 of my client’s first Mixed Martial Arts course with me focused on looking at both conditioning exercises and putting his skills under some pressure. One of my mandates for taking these sessions was to not use sparring due certain medical reasons. This is something of obstacle when it comes to teaching a combat sport. However, we have found ways to work around this challenge. We have regularly used reaction games, both touch and no-contact, and I keep the focus mitt work as live as possible. Today, I felt we needed to increase matters another stage to make it all that much more real and to best convey to my client areas he can improve upon. Therefore, after our sports specific warm-up, the format became one-sided sparring (where he only attacked and I only defended and escaped) followed by various solo exercises he can take away to help strengthen any exposed weaknesses. We worked all three MMA ranges: stand-up, clinch and ground.


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