Testing Combat Conditioning (diary entry)





Monday night concluded my course of Combat Conditioning with this client. It was time to push everything over the hour and a half lesson to see how much progress had been made. After a simple warm-up the lesson ran over a period of 8 x 5 minute rounds with one minute break in-between. Five of these rounds were line-work exercises, designed for my client to use when home-training. The remaining three were sparring rounds. There was no time to stop and go over technique, as this had all been covered in the previous lessons. Everything was about keeping up the pace and moving through the various ranges of MMA combat.


Round 1 – Stand-up Line Work – Western Boxing Footwork drills, basic punching combinations on the move, kicking combinations, punch/kick combinations


Round 2 – Stand-up Line Work (close range) – Closing techniques, long-guard, punch/knee strikes, clinch to knee strike


Round 3 – Clinch Work – Clinch to knee techniques, hip rotation running for upper body throws and double leg takedowns


Round 4 – Clinch Work and Top Position Ground– Single leg takedowns, Sit-out Escapes, Sprawls, Breakfalls and various crawling movements


Round 5 – Ground Work (Bottom Position) – Snakes in different directions, various submission leg raises and various hip escape exercises


Round 6 – Light Sparring – Wearing boxing gloves and gum shields both fighters worked on footwork.


Round 7 – MMA stand-up and clinch – Wearing MMA gloves both fighters used stand-up and clinch techniques.


Round 8 – MMA top position – My client fought from a pin to secure a submission and used striking combinations.


The lesson finished with an extended stretching session, including PNF stretching.