Technique Confirmation (diary entry)

Shadow Scarf Hold20.04.20


My client continued her Mixed Martial Arts online live video training on Monday, reaching her sixth hour. Tonight was mainly concerned with running back through and re-confirming individual techniques.


After a short warm-up of dynamic stretching and sport-specific callisthenics, we began moving through the various stand-up techniques. These were first done slowly as part of the warm-up process and to check body mechanics. We covered jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, shovel hooks and variations on the major punches as well as well as the major elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks. Then we switched to clinch, where we went from Thai clinch to Wrestling clinching, re-confirmed double-leg takedowns and sprawls as well introduced the single-leg takedown and the waist-lock takedown. We then went to the ground to focus on transitioning through the pins, paying particular attention to keeping the hips down throughout the movements.


The lesson finished with one five minute round of guided MMA shadow boxing.


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