Technique Breakdowns (diary entry)

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Hour nine of my client’s current course on stand-up fighting/kickboxing spent more time actively looking at specific techniques. The technique in question was a recent yet old and neglected friend, the lead leg Thai round kick. We also spent time tightening up punching combinations.

Lead round kick links were in the previous blog I wrote for Saturday’s client. In essence, we are training to open the hips up and turning the hips by ensuring the back foot is turned and the kicking leg moves horizontally into the target. My client raised a typical problem when attempting not to throw the flicky version of the kick, this can easily turn the technique into an outside to inside crescent kick. The kick is not a straight leg. There is a slight hinging action required that creates the impact delivered by a kick which is primarily driven by the hip. Here is another useful link.

Punching combinations were tightened up with better breathing. Sharp inhaling and exhaling of breaths whilst striking promote faster hand actions. This is particularly important with the Dutch combinations that require lengthy boxing combinations to camouflage powerful kicks.

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