Jamie Clubb coaches two seminar students in a pre-emptive strike drill26.09.2023

Tuesday’s final lesson: hour five of my online teacher training course with Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub, Denmark. Tonight we continued with our hard skills training. Areas covered:

  • Tactical Escape – Revision from the previous class
  • Escaping Corners – 1-on-1 exercise with an especial emphasis on hip rotation in order feint and escape
  • Arm Evasions – Simple exercise involving moving around a stationary partner who moves the arms consistently. The objective is to duck, evade and move to their back
  • Corner/Arm Evasion combined – 2-on-1 exercise
  • Boundary setting exercise for low risk – moving away from touches and setting a fence and basic wrist releases
  • Boundary setting exercise for medium risk – taking a shove and setting a boundary fence
  • Fence to pre-emption
  • Striking what comes into range (especially important for children and when range is a major factor)
  • Striking the high line
  • Pairing pre-emption off the fence with tactical escape