Teacher Training – Children’s Self-Protection 2 (diary entry)


Hour two of Drum Martial Arts and Fitness teacher consultancy programme on children’s self-protection. The lesson discussed why boundary setting is a very definitive aspect of self-protection training. I brought in the “circle of trust” metaphor to help explain basic boundaries important to children (and everyone). This is a concept that is an important component of the Rabbit programme but it can be touched upon with younger ages. There various ever more complicated and personalised versions of these trust circles but a simple self-protection one is to have the increasing circles of close family, true friends and selected authority figures.

We discussed lost protocols and why this is the first major risk young children face and where they need to take agency over their situation. Such areas help introduce children to the concept of how to effectively recruit help. This nicely introduces very young children to the concept of effective reporting. We also discussed simple games that are fun on the surface but encourage awareness and observational skills. They can be further developed into debriefs on safe places, unsafe places and potential hazards.

The lesson also included discussions on potentially dangerous psychological traits. This included the Dark Triad and the Vulnerable Dark Triad.