Teacher Development Programme: Submissions (diary entry)

Guard Teacher Development (1) Guard Teacher Development (2)23.11.2021

Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my teacher development programme, booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom, to a conclusion for this year. This was an extra 12th hour added on in order to better round off the ground-figthing/submission grappling section. Fortunately due to the experience, knowledge and adaptability of my client and his assistant teacher, we have been able to cover a surprising amount of material.

Tonight we finished off the top position with some work on arm-locks – Americana, Kimura and arm-bar. These were taught as part of a transitional combination. Then we moved onto closed guard. From here we used the Kimura setup for a hip-bump sweep and a submission. We then covered armbar from guard and triangle choke from guard.

Prior to this work, I discussed my client’s recent lesson teaching stand-up grappling. He expressed the very common problem of negative sparring and dealing with larger new beginners. I encouraged more flow drilling-to-sparring-to-flow drilling-sparring-to flow drilling in order to get students to open up more and be less cagey.



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