Teacher Development Programme: Ground Pins (diary entry)

mikael reversal mikael scarf hold mikael zoom teaching16.11.2021

Tuesday night my client’s teacher development programme booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom reached its 11th hour. Originally this course was booked for 10 hours, but early on an extra hour was added now yet another hour has been added for next week. This is little surprising given the amount of content present in ground fighting. Although my client is a highly experienced martial arts teacher with an experienced and very able co-teacher as his training partner, it is still a challenge to fast-track through the amount of material. For example, tonight we continued with the top position transitioning introduced in the previous class yet did not get to any submission work besides an overview of the kimura arm-lock requested at the end.

We warmed up with specific ground-fighting callisthenics before moving onto the transitional flow drill. They performed the drill clockwise and anticlockwise around the body and I added in some details. Next this was performed with an added level of resistance from the person being pinned – mainly bridging and snaking. After this we focused on basic escape options from side control, two types of scarf-hold, north-south, knee pin and full-mount. Due to time constraints I decided not to cover the less common reverse scarf-hold. They then sparred for five minutes using a specific sparring criteria for and against pins. As previously mentioned, I briefly touched upon the Kimura arm-lock as an after-class bonus segment.



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