Teacher Development Programme: Grappler’s Clinch Cont. (diary entry)

Double leg takedown Zoom02.11.2021

Tonight we moved onto the ninth hour of my client’s teacher development programme booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We picked up grappling clinch training again, looking at counters to the rear waist-lock/bear hug as well as training three variations on the double-leg takedown.

  1. Waist-lock defence used the cut-off footwork and counter with a waist-lock.
  2. The rear bear hug used a rear single leg takedown defence
  3. The first double-leg take-down was the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu version, which uses a knee to ground drive and places a tucked in side head position with a “rocking the baby lift”. This results in the opponent being pinned in side control.
  4. The second double-leg is more wrestling-based version is the same as the previous one except the head is placed in the middle of the opponent’s stomach and the fighter ends up in the opponent’s guard. Here I explained the importance of either getting into a low safety position or a seated posture.
  5. The third double-leg is the MMA version where the knee doesn’t touch the ground but otherwise the same as the wrestling one.



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