Teacher Development Programme: Clinch & Ground (diary entry)


zoom mikael lesson single legTuesday night’s first lesson was my client’s teacher development programme booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. Tonight we finished off our clinch section with three types of single leg takedown, a series of sparring exercises and finished with top position ground-fighting. This was all preceded with relevant dynamic stretching and callisthenic exercises used to warm-up/activate the right muscle groups and movements.

Single Legs:

We covered the basic single-leg involving trapping the leg between the knees and shooting for the ankle, ankle-pick and lift version and the below knee shoot version.

zoom mikael lesson clinch sparringSparring:

We moved through neck-wrestling, collar/elbow ties and under-hooks/over-hooks pummelling drills.These were executed using the drill-spar-drill repeat pattern. Next we did fight-for-the-back sparring. Then we layered in sweeps. Then we layered in leg-grips. Finally, we did takedown versus takedown defence sparring, followed by takedown sparring.


We covered the top postion and I took my client through my transitional pinning drill.

zoom mikael lesson top position


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