Teacher Consultation: Combinations for Traditional Martial Arts (diary entry)


Tuesday night’s lesson was also a teacher consultancy class. This time it was a break from our usual “Learn from the Fight” session and we worked face-to-face on combinations used in a karate in syllabus. My client has a series of combinations that exist in the grading syllabus she teaches that need reappraisal. They appear to be a mixture of sport, kata-based application specific conditioning exercises (i.e. balancing for kicks). We went through them and began to devise a criteria for keeping and altering and omitting. My main concern was the way the system had mixed these areas up. My client has evolved their system toward pragmatic combat and is swapping out the “traditional” sporting side for more MMA-based attribute training. Therefore the task and challenge is to firstly divide up what goes where and to ensure the student understands the difference when going for their grades.


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