Taking the Straight/Cross/Overhand to the Pads (diary entry)

vijay devesh jamie zoom vijay devesh slip jab vijay devesh straight right27.07.21

The second part of my client teacher’s preparation for Wednesday night’s live-streaming lesson was another private lesson on boxing. Again, we went through the difference between the straight right and the cross, and we also had time to cover the chopping cross/straight right and the overhand.

I ran through each of these punches inspired by Aguello, Louis, Hearns and Marciano. After shadow boxing we took them onto the focus mitts and then I had my client and his son drill them against each other. With an emphasis on the cross, a counter-move, we brought in the slip and then layered in a double jab. The complete drills were as follows:

Double jab/jab/slip/cross (both inside and outside arm versions)

Double jab/pawing jab/pivot/chopping cross

Double jab/slip/jab/pivot/overhand




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