Taking the Back (diary entry)

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Lesson three of my client’s course on Basic Clinch/Stand-up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training moved us more onto collar and elbow control as well as taking the back.

We began with Indian press-ups and Indian Squats. Then we did isolated repetitions of forward, backwards and shoulder side rolls followed forward, backward and side break falls, which were then combined for the final series of sets. I also introduced neck bridges, another very traditional wrestling exercise. Then we moved back onto the collar and elbow tie-up taught as a bulling exercise to strengthen neck muscles and increase the right reactions for this neutral position. Then we revised pummelling under-hooks, which led us back onto the waist-lock takedown variations. From here we looked at taking the back and the back waist-lock takedown with variations.

We moved back to the collar and elbow tie-up, revising the two-on-one and finishing with an introduction to arm-drag drills.

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