Taking it to the Wall and Back! (diary entry)

Against the Cage2Against the Cage113.02.20


Thursday night brought my Junior MMA course up to the 5 hour point. Tonight we went through a range of warm-up and callisthenic techniques my client can use in her home training as well techniques for closing the distance, clinching, working against the wall and fighting from the top position in the guard.


The warm-up began with dynamic stretches, shadow boxing and agility ladder drills for all ranges. From here we used strikes to clinch and perform a takedown or throw. These included punching into under-hooks for suplexes and waist-lock takedowns as well as slip/jabbing into the arm-triangle clinch and takedown into submission. We then went through some of the Dirty Boxing work before going to the guard for work in posture and safety position. We then took it to the wall and worked through the standard shoulder-bump/knee/slashing elbow re-pummel and reversals.


I then looked at cutting the ring/cage with footwork as a setup for Dirty Boxing and working the wall. The sequence begins with freestyle defence. The fighter is fed a variety of different attacks, which they parry and check before fighting forward and angling off. From here they close the distance into a Dirty Boxing combination, teep and knee bomb their opponent into the wall from where the wall drill flows into a takedown.


The lesson finished with 4 x 2 minute specific sparring MMA rounds. Round one focused on stand-up, round two focused on the clinch, round three focused on the ground and round four was freestyle.

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