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12 Rounds MMA Pad-Work (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 10.49.20

03.08.2022   Tonight my client repeated the 12 round format we used last week, but this time we mixed in more Mixed Martial Arts based work and centred certain rounds on specific techniques. The lesson was begun with a warm-up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises. Round 1 – Setting up the cross and straight right. We used double-jabs, feints and shoulder rolls to provide opportunities to throw this power punch. Only straight punches were permitted in addition to […]

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Boxing Journey in 12 Rounds (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

04.11.20 Today’s lesson concluded my client’s revision and layering of Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. The entire lesson was dedicated to 12 rounds plus active recovery that acted as mini lessons through his boxing experiences. Round 1 – Working the Jab and Footwork Round 2 –  Slips, Ducks and Pull-Backs (no punches) Round 3 – Bringing punches, footwork and head movement together Round 4 – Philly Shell – playing defence and baiting Round 5 – Philly Shell – […]

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More Speed Kicks (diary entry)

speed kick diary

26.10.20 Monday night saw the tenth hour of my client’s course that has recently been focused on developing speed in kicks. Last lesson we mainly looked at the technical side of gathering more speed along with some conditioning. Tonight, after going through a through dynamic stretch and warm-up we plunged into four tabata sets, each of these use basic techniques at high speed. The first three sets consisted of simple two-kick combinations – the objective here was to get the […]

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10 Round Workout (diary entry)

Catherine 10 round workout (2)

12.10.20 Monday night saw the eighth hour of what should have been my client’s submission grappling course. However, due her bubble partner have incurred an injury whilst playing football and the current Covid-19 situation, we have had to revert back to training via Skype. I saw it as an opportunity to revisit other combative ranges. Tonight we went back to MMA in general and agreed upon a 10 round workout to expose weak points we can look at next week. […]

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12 Round Lesson (diary entry)

23.09.20 Wednesday night saw a 12 round continuous workout focusing on Western Boxing and Muay Thai. Rounds one to six were all Western Boxing, covering various footwork and head movement drills whilst building on combinations. Round seven to 12 were all about Muay Thai, as we focused on specific Thai combinations such as a five-elbow combination, shin-check/teep/round kick and teep/knee bomb as well as more Dutch layered combinations where lengthier hand combinations were used to set up kicks. Between rounds […]

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