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Fullmer Bounces Back & Basilio Stumbles in Style (diary entry)


07.07.2022 This morning’s “Learn from the Fight” covered highlights the middleweight contendership battle of Gene Fullmer and Rocky Castellani before we analysed Johnny Saxton’s attempt to rest the World Welterweight Championship from Carmen Basilio. No introductions to any of these fighters were necessary. We just picked up their stories from where we left off. Gene Fullmer versus Rocky Castellani 04.01.1956 After losing his contender position to Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Castellani fought one last match in 1955. He won a […]

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The DeMarco Basilio Wars (diary entry)

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11.03.2022 Wednesday morning’s “Learn from the Fight” picked up from where we left Tony DeMarco last week. After briefly celebrating a moment of victory won in his hometown of Boston, the new champion had to comply with his contract to defend his title against the number one ranked contender. That contender was  Carmen Basilio and he was on on his second campaign for welterweight glory. Tony DeMarco versus Carmen Basilio Undisputed World Welterweight Championship 10.06.1955 Born Carmine Basilio on 2nd […]

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