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Guards for Stand-up Combat Sports Seminar/Webinar (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 12.57.43

27.12.2021 The day after Boxing Day I was kindly invited to teach a webinar streamed directly into Kajuen Ryu’s class and shared with online teachers and students in the UK and Europe. The subject was guards for stand-up (full-contact) combat sports. Throughout the 20th century guards have evolved and branched off into a variety of directions. They are dictated by the individual – their physical make-up in relation to the majority of their likely opponents and their personality. I did […]

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Edged Weapon Hard Skills (diary entry)

edged weapon hard skills 1

02.05.21 Sunday saw the conclusion of my trilogy of edged weapon awareness and defence webinars. We focused mainly on hard skills, but this had to be prefaced with observational soft skills (behavioural indicators and presence indicators). Hard skill training went through my priority escape and sounding the alarm procedures upon spotting an armed offender to tactical escape variations to incidental weapons to unarmed methods when cornered. Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 1 Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 2 Services  

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Combinations 3 & 4 with Keiryu (diary entry)

keiryu kickboxing lesson 27 04 21

27.04.21 Keiryu Practical Karate invited me back to continue my rhythm and flow series. Tonight we covered combinations three and four. It is always interesting to do these two combinations next to each other due their extreme differences. Combination three is a long punch heavy combination used to camouflage two rear leg round kicks to the body. Combination four is a relative short counter-combination that is mainly concerned with “big techniques”. Combination three is all about chaining together tight streams […]

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Thai Clinch Webinar

Ryukyukan karate thai clinch

24.04.21 I was invited back by Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate to teach a webinar on the muay Thai clinch. We warmed up with dynamic stretching, footwork and basic short-range weapon introductions. Then we moved onto the following areas. Elbow and Knee Strikes – We covered horizontal, slashing, spear and smash-down elbows as well as spear/long, diagonal and curve knee strikes Plum Position – Hand positions, forward, backward and pivoting footwork to break posture. This included a set up for a […]

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When Parents Aren’t Around Pre-Webinar (diary entry)

forest school karate zoom

22.04.21 Forest School of Karate will kindly be booking me to teach on 26.04.21. Ahead of the session, their head teacher booked me in for a private lesson to go over the material. This is an excellent way to ensure that he is prepped for the webinar and it is something we have been doing throughout the “When Parents Aren’t Around” series. We were able to discuss various trigger warnings due to the nature of the material and also discuss […]

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Hard Skills II: Danish Edition (diary entry)

HS2 Denmark (1)

22.11.20 I was delighted to provide a webinar for my Danish friends again. Hinnerup Karate kindly hosted my Hard Skills II webinar on Sunday. This part of the series focuses maintaining the initiative. After a quick revision of the previous material on pre-emptive striking, involving some physical training, we looked at continuous forward pressure. The webinar then began in earnest with a simple procedure set out based on defined objectives, preferred targeting areas and preferred primary weapon. We covered repetition […]

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Hard Skills 1 in Denmark (diary entry)

hard skills 1 denmark

01.11.20 Hinnerup Karate, Denmark, kindly booked me back to teach the first part of my hard skills series. Previously, this particular group split off to book me privately to teach the third part of my soft skills series. Now they have continued with the physical side of self-protection training or “self-defence”. Sunday’s session covered pre-emptive striking.

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Combat Grappling in Children’s Self-Defence (diary entry)

When Parents Aren't Around 6 Image

31.10.20 My second Saturday lesson today consisted of the sixth part of my online adapted course on “When Parents Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection hosted by Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate Matsuri Dojo, Pitsea, Essex. We took the focus onto the grappling/clinch range. At this point in a conflict the defender should be doing their best to avoid being clinched for a variety of different reasons, but in order to train defending this range one needs to understand this particular range. Drilling […]

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Discipline in Children’s Self-Protection (diary entry)

feedback vijay lesson

30.09.20 Clubb Chimera Martial Arts “When Parent’s Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection online webinar course returned to Forest School of Karate on Wednesday to cover the topic of discipline. This tenet is defined as a willingness and determination to learn certain habits as part of one’s lifestyle. Maintaining training is imperative in order for an individual to be better prepared to defend themselves against violence. Hard skills taught in this lesson were the pre-emptive strike, forward pressure, incidental combinations, target familiarisation, […]

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Open Mind (diary entry)

When Parents Aren't Around front cover (small)

26.09.20 “Let us keep our minds open, by all means, as long as that means keeping our sense of perspective and seeking an understanding of the forces which mould the world. But don’t keep your minds so open that your brains fall out!” – Walter Kotschnig   Saturday morning concluded my 5 hour “When Parents Aren’t Around” series adapted for webinars. We covered the fifth tenet: “Open Mind”. Besides explaining the importance of adapting to different situations, being open to evolving […]

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Aftermath Webinar in Denmark (diary entry)

aftermath denmark2

13.09.20 Hinnerup Karate, Denmark, kindly booked me to teach the third part of my basic soft skills trilogy of webinars. This particular online session concerns the aftermath. I took the attendees through a range of post-incident problems and methods for handling them. We discussed the double-tap, including immediate reprisals, secondary threats and hazards. Then we discussed short-term safety points and how to establish them, allies and safe havens. Tactical escape was addressed again and why this must be trained as […]

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Discipline in Children’s Self-Protection (diary entry)


30.08.20 On Sunday I was invited back for the fourth time to teach the next part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection webinar series for the ever-forward thinking Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate Matsuri Dojo. The focus this time was on discipline. We looked at the best ways to motivate students to maintain good self-protection behaviours and practices. I also brought in the concept of the fence and when to pre-emptively strike. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK ME […]

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Pre-Emptive Strike Webinar (diary entry)

Hard Skills Webinar 1

16.08.20 Keiryu Practical Karate kindly hosted my fourth official CCMA open webinar. This is the first part of my hard skill series where I focused on pre-emption. Material covered included why pre-emption is tactically the best choice for self-defence (the physical side of self-protection), the consistent support it has received throughout the history of warfare, why most people do not use pre-emption, when to use pre-emption, what tools are best suited for pre-emption and various points surrounding the use of […]

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Courage for Children’s Self-Protection at Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu (diary entry)

Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu courage (2)

26.07.20 On Sunday I was booked back by Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate Matsuri Dojo to teach the third part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar. We addressed the third tenet of my book: Courage. The webinar deconstructed the myth of fearlessness and the physiological science behind “fear”. Through understanding, the children can learn how to recognise their survival instincts and apply them without the stigma often attached to them. The webinar also included a series of exercises that helped […]

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Soft Skills III – The Aftermath (diary entry)

webinar 3

05.07.20 Sunday saw the third and final part of my online adaptation of soft skills for self-protection, hosted by Keiryu Practical Karate. As the name indicates, this particular webinar focused entirely on post-fight material. I will be repeating this webinar with Hinnerup Karate. Topics included the double tap, escaping to safety, first aid, the law and the Black Dog. Please see below list of reference material mentioned in this presentation: Unconsciousness and Death – Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack Risk […]

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Situational Awareness for Young People (diary entry)

situational awareness webinar 2

28.06.20 On Sunday I was invited to continue my online adaptation of “When Parents Aren’t Around”. Our attention fell on situational awareness. The lesson began with some simple physical exercises emphasising the importance of posture – becoming a hard target – responding to sudden changes with tactical escapes, striking and covering, and negotiating obstacles. I then introduced the class to videos that demonstated inattentional blindness. As per my teacher training lesson last Tuesday, I then set up an exercise that […]

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