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MMA Self-Defence Adaptation

eye gouge standing

27.01.18 This morning we covered the final hour of my client’s course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. As with subsequent courses, the lesson brings my client back to his self-protection line. For the most part, this is a revision of the culmination of techniques taught in his original self-defence course and an examination of how strong MMA’s attributes are in this respect. MMA, being an art dealing with all ranges of unarmed combat and combining techniques […]

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Modern Boxing’s Hook (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker (small)

06.05.17   Today’s lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought my client up to the four and a half hour mark in his scheduled 10 hour course. We primarily focused on the hook punch, but also revised previous lesson techniques and introduced the uppercut.   We began with our standard boxing footwork warm-up using agility markers and partner training. We then moved onto the focus mitts and drilling jabs, crosses, bobbing and slipping. Modern western boxing […]

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Outside the Line of Fire (diary)

low kick

31.08.16   The second of my client’s course on Personalised Martial Arts Cross Training took us onto attacking outside the main attack line. This is usually considered to be the safest tactic to take for obvious reasons. Once again, we took advantage of the 45 degree angle.   The session began with slipping the jab to the outside. Here we discussed stepping with the counter punch (switching stance) or shifting forward. Then we looked at the overhand punch. This looping […]

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Restrictive and Transitional Training for Self-Defence and Combat Sports (diary entry)


30.07.16   Today’s second lesson was this client’s fourth class in her Personalised Martial Arts Cross Training course. With our focus still on circular techniques, we brought everything back to self-defence techniques. The different dynamic between self-defence fighting and match fighting was discussed. Despite a tremendous amount of overlap and effective attribute development, the essential difference between these two fights is that one is an asymmetrical combative situation and the other is a symmetrical one. The first usually consists of […]

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