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The Uppercut is Important (diary entry)

uppercut athena diary

22.03.21 Monday night’s final lesson was my class with Athena School of Karate where I continued my boxing programme. Tonight the uppercut came under the spotlight. Along with the cross/straight right, this is considered to be a true power punch. There have been many famous knockouts achieved using the uppercut, but there are few real masters of this particular punch and even fewer in modern boxing due to the current trend in outside fighting. The uppercut requires toe-to-toe range to […]

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Chaining Punches with Everything Else! (diary entry)


03.02.20   Monday night brought my client up to the fifth hour of her third Muay Thai course. We are focusing on punching specifically and tonight we looked at better chaining of all the punches with each other and then in combination.   The lesson began with some a warm-up of line work, just looking at the individual punches. Four types of jab, the basic cross, four types of hook and two types of uppercut were covered as trained them […]

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Uppercutting (diary entry)


27.01.20 Monday night brought my client up to the fourth hour of her third Muay Thai course, where we are focusing on punching. Tonight we threw the spotlight onto the uppercut. My client has made large notable improvements in our performance due putting in more training time at home between lessons. The lesson began with the usual light but specific callisthenics and dynamic stretching exercises before moving onto mirror footwork. Here I had my client work more on Western Boxing […]

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Dirty Boxing Introduction (diary entry)


  My regular teacher consultancy lesson later on Tuesday evening took a stronger physical turn tonight as we began work on Dirty Boxing. In essence, this in-fighting and clinching, the use of trapping and standing grappling techniques whilst striking. Tonight we covered a general introduction, began laying the foundations and covered a simple drill.   The lesson began with a short warm-up on the mitts as we went through some simple Western Boxing combinations. I introduced the pawing jab and […]

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Beyond the 4 Punches of Boxing (diary entry)

odd punches

16.02.19   The second lesson of the morning was the penultimate lesson of my two junior clients’ 10 hour course on Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training worked on bringing everything together. We also spent some time on different jabs, the L-step, getting out of corners, drawing an attack, the overhand and body shots.   We went straight into working the 11 punch combination as a progressive warm-up. Starting with light movements, designed to promote coordination we then moved […]

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Footwork and Uppercuts (diary entry)


26.01.19 This morning’s private lesson brought my two junior students up to the six hour point of the Basics in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training Course. We worked making footwork more unpredictable, moving out of corners, low hooks and I introduced the lead hand uppercut. We began with mirror footwork. This began with a large focus on backwards and forwards footwork, layering it with jabbing, slipping and parrying. Then I had the side feeding the jabs dictate footwork, […]

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Four Punch Combination & Four Basic Punches (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - fist

06.09.18 Tonight’s lesson brought my client up to the fifth hour of his 10 hour course on Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We spent less time on footwork this time and more time on developing the four-punch combination – jab/cross/hook/cross – as well as all four basic boxing punches – jab, cross, hook and uppercut. The warm-up started on the focus mitts this time. We revised slipping outside and inside, jabbing, crossing and hooking. My client’s homework is […]

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