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Modern Boxing’s Hook (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker (small)

06.05.17   Today’s lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought my client up to the four and a half hour mark in his scheduled 10 hour course. We primarily focused on the hook punch, but also revised previous lesson techniques and introduced the uppercut.   We began with our standard boxing footwork warm-up using agility markers and partner training. We then moved onto the focus mitts and drilling jabs, crosses, bobbing and slipping. Modern western boxing […]

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Moving the Body to the Target (diary)

John lines Jamie up for right cross

29.04.17   My client completed his second and third hour of my course on basic western boxing for martial arts cross-training. We warmed up with a revision of jabbing and footwork drills – including slipping, the shuffle, angulation and stance switching – before getting onto the cross.   The main area of focus today was on moving the entire body to the target. Due to our innate drive to preserve energy and also to view techniques at their extremities – […]

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Flow and Resist (diary entry)

arm bar (small)

05.04.1   Tonight’s lesson brought the various individual techniques we have been focusing on back into a chain. This encourages better flow using the guard and combination work. This was all preceded by various mobility and muscle activation exercises specific to ground grappling.   Yet again my attention was drawn to the underlying principles of the techniques. Working these submissions and sweeps requires active core engagement. The hips need to be mobile and the spine needs to be tight as […]

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Avoiding Shape-Seeking (diary entry)


29.03.17   Tonight’s lesson brought us onto the omaplata. This Portuguese word for “shoulder blade” has become the most popular term used to describe a type of shoulder key-lock applied by the legs. Despite the move existing in competitive judo (and especially in kozen judo), where it is known as “ashi-sankaku-garami”, translated as “triangular entanglement”. Apparently catch-as-catch-can wrestlers call it a “coil lock”. The omaplata’s name popularity is probably down to the fact that it is a very common move […]

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Elbows and Takedown Defence (diary entry)


01.02.17   Tonight we covered takedown defence with more practical application, working under pressure and the use of elbow strikes. After warming up with muscle engagement/mobility exercises for grappling, we did some mirror footwork. I then added on targeting for strikes, working from various angles. This then changed to cornering work, specifically escape from cornering. This exercise has a particular relevance to the fundamentals and principles of takedown defence, as a fighter defending a takedown needs to be wary of […]

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Takedown “Revenge” (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

25.01.17   Takedown defence training continued tonight with a focus on regaining a standing position and the use of strikes. We warmed up with our usual mobility exercises building onto grappling-style calisthenics and then we went into some basic techniques.   Two important factors – internal and external – were addressed within the psychology, strategy and muscle memory of this current subject.   Firstly, we have the internal. By internal I am talking about the fighter’s self, so to speak. […]

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Takedown Countering (diary entry)


18.01.17   Takedown defence training continued tonight, but this time the focus was totally on grappling counters and we looked primarily at the single leg takedown.   Warm Up   We began with mobility exercises – quadruped shoulder rolls, progressive scap press-ups and dynamic cat stretches.  This moved onto callisthenics – Indian press-ups and Indian squats. Then we covered more specific muscle engagement – hip thrusts, single leg hip thrusts, shoulder bridging, combat base squats and sprawling.   Grip Fighting […]

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Feedback Loop Training in Action (diary entry)


14.12.16   Tonight we continued our sparring themed series of classes. These are lessons specifically designed to test and correct certain aspects of my client’s personal range of skills as well as tactics. It is not always easy to do this on a one-to-one basis for various reasons, but there are general observations that can be made that will aid a client to reach his potential as a martial artist and fighter. We use feedback training loops whereby drills and […]

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Bringing it under Mixed Martial Arts (diary entry)

ground and pound

07.12.16   Tonight it was time to start taking stock of all the recent material covered and bring it together. We looked at it from an MMA sport context. Areas covered and revised included Muay Thai, shoulder throws, fireman’s carry throw and attacking the turtle position.   We began on the Thai focus mitts. The warm-up consisted of various standard combinations performed lightly first, focusing on technique and then increased to full power. We looked at setting up for low […]

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Filthy Boxing (diary entry)


26.10.16   Today my client took a break from grappling and we focused on some hand-striking. Rather than just working on modern western boxing for martial arts cross-training, we also brought in some “dirty boxing”. I am not quite sure I want to use that term, as it has become so generically thrown about in the martial arts world I am not whether it has a clear meaning anymore. Randy Couture used it to describe his wrestling based striking style; […]

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Distilled Modern Muay Thai Concepts (diary entry)


24.09.16   The second of today’s classes was a double lesson on Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. As with another recent Muay Thai double lesson, I decided to focus the first half on kickboxing and the second half on Thai clinch. We looked a lot at Thai footwork and using rhythm to create momentum.   The kickboxing session was prefaced with a quick discussion on how we were going to take the traditional Muay Thai lead as much […]

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Elbow Clinic (diary entry)

24.09.16   My first lesson of the day was my client’s fifth lesson in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross-Training (the seventh lesson in her second course with me). This became an elbow strike clinic, revising the previous lesson and introducing some new techniques. We covered the slashing elbow, the horizontal elbow, the backward elbow, the uppercut elbow, the diagonal elbow, the chopping elbow, the spear elbow and the side elbow strike. These were worked in isolation and then […]

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Outside the Line of Fire (diary)

low kick

31.08.16   The second of my client’s course on Personalised Martial Arts Cross Training took us onto attacking outside the main attack line. This is usually considered to be the safest tactic to take for obvious reasons. Once again, we took advantage of the 45 degree angle.   The session began with slipping the jab to the outside. Here we discussed stepping with the counter punch (switching stance) or shifting forward. Then we looked at the overhand punch. This looping […]

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On the Inside (diary entry)

triangle choke

          31.08.16   My client’s twentieth lesson in Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training worked on the theme of attacking inside the jab and inside attacks in general. I have always considered going inside the jab to be a more dangerous than than outside the jab due to the fighting immediately going into the line of fire and it requires far tighter movement.   Using the slip to get inside the jab, we began […]

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Moving from Gi to No-Gi to MMA (diary entry)


        23.07.16 Today’s second lesson saw the return of a long term client. With a strong background in Judo and Western Boxing, he adopts a more buffet-style approach to cross training with me, selecting certain specific areas he wishes to explore. After an initial discussion we decided to focus on gi ground work, no-gi ground work into no-gi clinch and then MMA clinch and MMA ground work. We warmed up with some solo specific exercises followed by […]

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MMA 101 (diary entry)


07.11.15 This marks the beginning of a series of two-hour MMA lessons for an old client of mine. My new regular gym is situated out in the sticks and I appreciate it is not easy non-local clients to get to me on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is often better for those who live further away or have a more sporadic lifestyle to book me in for fortnightly double sessions. However, the dynamic of these lessons will always be different […]

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