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First Online Video Lesson (diary entry)


23.03.20   Monday night saw the first of my online video coaching. This is my client’s second lesson in her Mixed Martial Arts programme. This is a service I have always offered but only now with the world dealing with a global pandemic have I had to transfer all my regular clients over to this form of teaching. As can be seen by various media, I have a long history on developing solo training methods as a means for enhancing […]

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Quick Transitioning (diary entry)

darce choke

06.04.16 The third in my client’s second course on MMA for martial arts cross training was another extended lesson. Rather than systematically going through the ranges, we moved backwards and forwards on them quite freely. This began with the warm-up, which although started with some standard shadow boxing drills, covered arm-dragging from both clinch and butterfly guard. All ranges were covered, including takedown entries for low level and mid-level takedowns. Here we also covered overloading technique exercises, such as the […]

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