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Virtual Focus Mitts on Combos


27.02.21 Saturday morning’s first lesson was my client’s third hour on training stand-up fighting combinations for rhythm and flow. We are currently going back through all the 14 combinations and training them on virtual focus mitts. These exercises help develop and maintain timing that cannot be acquired through just training the combinations in a shadow boxing. This morning we worked through combinations eight to 10. Combination eight links opposite leg kicks together and finishes with a drawing technique onto a […]

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Double Lesson Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick catch 2

28.10.19   After a bit of a layoff my client completed the fourth and fifth hour of their second Muay Thai course. We did a lot of isolation work in this lesson, looking at ways to better improve certain techniques. The lesson finished with 5 x 3 minutes rounds of specific and general sparring.   We warmed up with some simple dynamic stretches leading into partner-work. This began with some shadow boxing work; going through all the basic strikes my […]

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Exiting July with a Teep (diary entry)


31.07.19   Wednesday night the nephew and uncle double lesson got underway with lowline takedowns for the junior section and advanced Muay Thai combination work for the senior section.   Both classes warmed up on the agility ladders and cones. The senior lesson included some revision on the L-Step and V-step work. We also looked at using other technique suggestions. The junior class also used the cones to set up for a sprawl double-leg takedown combination. Here we addressed the […]

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Old Combinations, New Combinations (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

26.09.18   The fourth half hour junior lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training introduced the hook and some live training. We warmed up with some mirror footwork, building up slipping, ducking and weaving. Jab/cross was then revised on the focus mitts, which was then incorporated with the footwork. I then introduced the hook punch. We trained the lead hook first, paying attention to body mechanics. This was then layered onto the bobbing and weaving head movement […]

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Duck Walking the Teep (diary entry)

duck walk teep

01.08.2018 I appreciate this might lose me some readers, but my love of hard rock and rock music in general does not extend to AC/DC. It’s not that I cannot appreciate their contribution to music history or respect their status in rock lineage but more a taste issue. Nevertheless, if Angus Young’s version of Chuck Berry’s duck walks works as a point of reference for the Muay Thai switch-kick then I am happy to bring it into the mix…   […]

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Back to the Stand-up Range (diary entry)


26.04.17   Tonight my client took a brief break from submission/ground fighting and focused on the stand-up range. Over the next few lesson we will aim to have a review of MMA to address any outstanding problems and to add to the knowledge base.   We began with Western Boxing concepts. Taking the focus mitts it was straight into footwork, progressing onto upper body movement (slipping, bobbing and weaving) and onto various angles of punches – jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, […]

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Striking Along Angles


28.09.16   Tonight we focused solely on 45 degree striking. As I have been demonstrating in recent lessons on Muay Thai for martial arts cross-training, edged weapon training is a great method for conveying these particular strikes. Many Southeast Asian weapon arts begin with 45 degree strikes. Eddie Quinn, a Muay Thai kru and creator of the Silat-inspired “The Approach” self-defence system, puts the criss-cross primary angle strikes at the centre of his self-defence methods. These angles and their reverse […]

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Rolling Choke and Other Animals (diary entry)

choke (informal)

18.08.16   Tonight’s private class was my client’s eighteenth lesson in his second course of Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued with our theme of rolling attacks in grappling that we have been covering for the past three classes and also kick-catch counters that was introduced in the previous class.   We warmed up with some shadow boxing, focusing on targeting and stance-work. Then we moved onto the various rolls – standard forward and back rolls, […]

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Expanding upon Martial Movements (diary entry)

overhand right

        30.07.16   Today’s first lesson was another double session along the lines of the buffet style cross-training I ran last Saturday. We decided to work off stand-up striking principles, but ended up bringing elements of wrestling, submission fighting, MMA and even some weapons work. All training was done outside, where we focused on body movement in combat and combat conditioning.   The lesson began on the focus mitts, looking at Western Boxing concepts of movement. We […]

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Advanced Combinations (diary entry)

cartwheel kick

09.03.16   The thirteenth lesson in the CCMA second course for Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross-Training looked more at combinations with advanced techniques. This is the third extra lesson requested by my client on top of the standard 10 lesson course in order to focus on these more difficult techniques.   We warmed up with our standard mobility exercises and then went onto some basic combination work on the focus mitts. We then revised some isolated advanced techniques. It […]

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