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Counter & Combination Sparring Drills (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small)

05.10.19 Saturday morning saw a continuation of the course I covered on Thursday with the same client. This is his penultimate lesson in a 10 hour course of seven lessons, bringing us up to the nine hour point. This particular course is focused entirely on stand-up sparring with a strong bias towards Muay Thai. After a warm-up of callisthenics and footwork on the agility ladders, we got straight into the following sparring drills: Round One: One for one sparring Round […]

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Integrating Elbows (diary entry)

elbow strike 2

09.09.19   My Monday night client completed their penultimate lesson in this first course in Basic Muay Thai/Stand-up Fighting. We looked at integrating elbow strikes into the clinch and outside fighting combinations.   We warmed up with shadow boxing, including some basic advice on getting the most out of shadow boxing. This was followed by dynamic stretching and mirror footwork. We then did some revision on the focus mitts and belly pad. We went through sets ups using teeps and […]

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Sparring (diary entry)

shin block

28.11.18   Today was my Kingham Hill class’s second lesson in Muay Thai as part of their self-protection course. We revised the techniques taught in the previous lesson and introduced sparring.   The warm-up consisted of line-work, dynamic stretching, footwork and guard changing. Then we went onto the focus mitts going through some basic combinations: jab/cross, jab/cross/teep and jab/round kick.   We then went through some basic defensive techniques, such as parries, shin checking and teep clearing. This was prior […]

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