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Partner Foundation Work (diary entry)

muay thai

22.08.2023 My teenage client’s second lesson in his first Muay Thai course saw him joined by his brother. This gave me an opportunity to build them both up to partner work. We followed the below procedure: Warm-up – Dynamic stretching and pose sequence Stance – Muay Thai stance is narrow with most of the weight distributed to the rear leg. Although Thai guards vary, the default principles are to keep it high. Footwork – We went through the forward, backward, […]

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Combining Ranges in Muay Thai (diary entry)


14.06.2023 Tuesday morning continued my teaching consultancy with Athena School of Karate and, as the title implies, we began the revision of the eight limbs of Muay Thai. This isn’t to say we didn’t cover new material. The lesson involved using a long range to close range combination to set up a horizontal elbow strike whilst angling off and also a Muay Femur style sweep setup. We began with teep work, bringing in feints, combining jabs and countering round kicks. Then […]

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Setting up & Countering Teeps (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 16.42.21

06.06.2023 Hour four of my client’s current Muay Thai course continued with his teep clinic.  We specifically looked at setting up teeps and using teeps to set up other techniques. These were drilled and then applied on the pads before later put under pressure in specific sparring. Feint jab/teep Feint teep/jab Rear hip feint/lead teep Feint lead teep/rear teep Jumping teep Teep/step back/switch-kick Catch teep/break balance/chopping elbow The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds of sparring. Rounds 1 […]

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Teep Clinic Continues (diary entry)

Mary MT Coaching 2343220876_446218537717655_847310140610643075_n

30.05.2023 Hour three of my client’s Muay Thai course and we covered more work on the teep. Arguably the most important technique in Muay Thai and to the sport what the jab has become for Boxing. After our usual sports specific muscle activation, mobility and dynamic stretching exercises, we warmed up with 2 x 3 minute rounds of very light sparring (no protective equipment) where I demonstrated different teep variations in a live environment. I introduced the toe teep, a […]

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Muay Thai Teacher Consultancy (diary entry)

Mary Muay Thai Beginning337283654_591738789557864_4819652447627360968_n

21.03.2023 This morning my teacher client from Athena School of Karate began a 10 lesson block of Muay Thai. After going through the six-part combination pattern, she decided that it was time she took a deeper dive into Thai Boxing. We began with stance and range familiarity. The Muay Thai stance is very square and short compared to other stand-up fighting arts. Weight is on the back leg. The stance allows for better shin-checking and clinching. However, it sacrifices the […]

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Muay Thai introduction & Butterfly Guard (diary entry)

Shadow Scarf Hold

15.12.2021 Wednesday night saw the start of a new junior client who is interested in learning some Kickboxing/Muay Thai and more work with my senior client on submission grappling where we covered the butterfly guard. Muay Thai training consisted of learning the jab, the straight right and the teep. These were trained in isolation and combined in different ways. After the warm-up I introduced each technique first through shadow work then target placement and finally on the focus mitts. Submission […]

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Building a Foundation (diary entry)

coaching juniors 1

11.11.2021 After last lesson’s taster of Mixed Martial Arts, my new junior client has opted to train in Muay Thai/Kickboxing for the remaining nine hours of his course. We focused on setting up the classic modern Muay Thai stance, which is square on, and coninued work on the teep, jab and cross. I also introduced spear knee strikes both in the warm-up and in the final intensive section of the lesson as well the lead hook punch. We worked on […]

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Working the Lead (diary entry)

High Kick - Kickboxing

02.10.2021 Lessons six and seven of my client’s first course included training an hour senior Muay Thai and then an hour for two juniors. The senior class mainly focused on technique placement and movement against an opponent. We spent a while just looking at the teep and then at the importance of stepping into strong positions. The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds on the focus mitts working through combinations that incorporated the kicks used earlier and each […]

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Switch-Hitting and the Teep (diary entry)


09.08.21 My couple clients entered their fifth hour of a 10 hour course on stance-switching. Tonight we revised the previous lesson’s combination using a straight stance switch and shift to fight from a mirror side position. Then we looked at feinting with teep to move into the same mirror side position. In both instances we began with a simple entry combination and then we built on it. We then sandwiched each of the second combinations with a teep to exit. […]

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Teep Setups and Knee Bombs (diary entry)

teep lesson diary 2

29.09.20 Tuesday night’s second lesson was client consultation as we used the lead teep and jab to set us off on a journey through rear leg round kicks, switch spear knees, rear knees, knee bombs and switch kicks. We began with the jab/lead teep seesaw movement. The step jab is probably one of the most common jabs thrown in Muay Thai. It is also a good way to start footwork training in Western Boxing. We then add the pendulum step […]

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Framing & Tempo (diary entry)

14 04 20

14.04.20   Tuesday night’s first online video lesson was my regular train the trainer coaching session. During lockdown, I am training a mother and daughter to run through various Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing inspired training drills. We looked more into framing, tempo, the calf-kick and expanding combinations.   We warmed up with one-for-one kicking drills. Hand setups for kicks are now a given but I began emphasising the use of frames, pawing jabs and other hand obstructions that can […]

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Online Training: The Teep Frame (diary entry)

online video training

31.03.20   My online teacher training/partner training continued on Tuesday with a focus on close range kicking. We isolated kick-countering and also increased the level difficulty with the partner drills.   Training began with the usual partner warm-up of trading single low kicks. I layered in foot-work and using the hands to set up. These aspects will become part of the mainstay as we use this drill in future warm-ups. I then changed it to shin-checking and countering with a […]

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Flowing Under Pressure (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)

19.08.19   Reaching the fifth hour of my client’s first course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training it was important to bring in more resistance and to promote more fluidity between techniques. We worked on basic combinations, drawing connections between different techniques and also worked on close range fighting.   The lesson began with a warm-up on the agility ladders before we paired off for some punching practice. We built up the 4 punch combination with a […]

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Exiting July with a Teep (diary entry)


31.07.19   Wednesday night the nephew and uncle double lesson got underway with lowline takedowns for the junior section and advanced Muay Thai combination work for the senior section.   Both classes warmed up on the agility ladders and cones. The senior lesson included some revision on the L-Step and V-step work. We also looked at using other technique suggestions. The junior class also used the cones to set up for a sprawl double-leg takedown combination. Here we addressed the […]

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Jump Push Kicks, Knee Bombs, Side Control Reversals & Half-Guard Lockdowns (diary entry)


15.04.19   Monday night began the first lesson of my client’s specially tailored martial arts cross training course. The course will focus half on stand-up striking and half on ground-fighting. Unlike most lessons and cross-training courses, these areas will be unconnected and will not be united by a single theme. Rather they are areas the client, now a two year veteran of my teaching method, has specifically selected. We began with a look at the jumping push kick and the […]

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Junior Muay Thai begins (diary entry)


02.03.19   The second lesson of this morning was the beginning of my two junior clients’ first course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We looked at Muay Thai footwork, differences in stance, punching, the teep, the spear knee and two different guards.   We warmed up with basic line movements, getting the two clients used to the rocking motion inherent in Muay Thai and the more square-on stance. We looked at shifting weight for Muay Thai […]

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