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Protecting the Frontline 12 (diary entry)

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11.05.2022 My teacher client from Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu picked up my self-protection course on the subject of post-incident First Aid. Here we discussed training body check behaviours in students. It’s important for students to have an awareness of new injuries and problems both in their regular training and in a self-defence scenario. We also covered how bleeds are important to locate early for obvious reasons but that certain bleeding can give the appearance of being far worse than they […]

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Developing Sparring Programmes (diary entry)

Hierarchy of Training

23.02.21 My teaching consultancy on Tuesday night was mainly concerned with discussing where to go with a progressing practical karate school’s sparring programme. One point that should be remembered about karate training is that the original katas were based on the assumption that the Okinawan students would be coming from a grappling culture. This is one of the reasons why although there is grappling contained with the katas the emphasis was more placed on training to strike than the grappling […]

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