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Teacher Development Programme: Grappler’s Clinch (diary entry)

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12.10.21 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my teacher client up to the sixth hour of his sparring development programme. Moving on from the Muay Thai clinch work we had covered in the previous two lessons we explored clinching in general, using methods from Wrestling and Judo. After a thorough stand-up grappling-based warm of callisthenics and dynamic stretching, we moved onto partner work. Client feedback on grappling was that the teachers struggled to get students to relax and flow more as […]

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Teacher Development: Bringing the Clinch Together (diary entry)


Hour five of my client 11 hour teacher development for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom looked at bringing clinch and out-boxing ranges together in Muay Thai. After a warm-up of clinch and dynamic stretching exercises, I moved onto partner work.  We began with checking kicks, moving into catching kicks and then into fighting from a caught kick position. This provided us with sparring drills on training entering the clinch from stand-up striking. We looked at both clinching a kicker […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Clinch (diary entry)

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28.09.2021 Hour five of my client 11 hour teacher development programme looked at the Muay Thai clinch. We ran through various compliant drills for technique development and then into specific sparring. The lesson focused on building on the various composite parts of the Muay Thai clinch, isolating and then integrating them. The objective was develop through compliant partner work switching intensity to a competitive format and then back into flow drilling before eventually building to full clinch-based sparring. Warm-up, including […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Muay Thai Sparring (diary entry)

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22.09.21 Hour four of my client’s teacher development course for sparring moved into the kickboxing range. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We focused on layering in Muay Thai teeps, round kicks, shin-checks and scooping blocks over the western boxing previous covered. Feedback Consultation: My client reported that attack versus defence specific sparring worked well on the whole with his class. Most students felt more confident with this boxing sparring once they could proactively defend. However, there […]

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Sparring for Teacher Development Continues (diary entry)


14.09.21 Tonight we entered hour three of an 11 hour course on teacher development. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We took a more in depth look at better addressing the dual concerns of defence and confidence. These are elements that can be positively linked. Many students fear sparring due to an exposure of their own limitations or, as is true for a substantial proportion, timidity. Building a strong defence can help install better confidence when it […]

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