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Instructor Development Online Training 1 (diary entry)

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29.08.2023 Tuesday’s final lesson was teaching my children’s self-protection methods as a means for instructor development to Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub in Denmark. This is preparation for my “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminars that will be taught over there later this year and also ahead of the new “Animal Instincts” children’s self-protection teaching programme. Tonight we went through an overview of self-protection. We covered definitions, separating self-protection from martial arts. I used Iain Abernethy’s Martial Map, Mo Teague/Peter Consterdine’s personal security/self-defence […]

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Defending the “8 Limbs” (diary entry)


18.04.2023 Hour three of teacher consultant course in Muay Thai cross-training got further into the specifics of the sport’s fundamental aspects. For a while we worked at maintaining the most common ranges of Muay Thai. Nak muays generally consent to do their out-boxing at a much closer range than other stand-up stand-up fighters. This is probably why pull-back evasions are more common in their sport. The closer ranges allows for the use of all so-called “8 limbs”. For example, a […]

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A Well-Earned Grade! (diary entry)


01.05.2022 Sunday afternoon saw the culmination of my client’s hard work in attaining her fourth dan under Iain Abernethy. Over the past couple of weeks, Mary Stevens, head teacher of Athena School of Karate, has booked me to help her cover the pad-work and sparring aspects of this particular test. It’s great to see a fellow teacher make such huge improvements in both their own training and the service they provide for their pupils. During the time I have trained […]

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