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Sprawls and Sit-Outs (diary entry)


05.09.19   The first of Thursday night’s lessons was the eighth hour of my junior duo’s course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We revised material taught in Saturday’s lesson and then focused on takedown defence.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and wrestling callisthenics. Then we went through break-falls and rolls. This was followed by revision on the collar and elbow tie into outer reap throws and two-on-ones. From two-on-ones we trained waist-lock takedowns, suplexes and single-leg takedowns. We then changed […]

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Submission versus Takedown (diary entry)

In-fighting attack7

23.11.2018   My second lesson of the day continued my veteran client’s current theme on stand-up to ground grappling. We have been looking at takedowns, finishing in submissions. Linking directly to last week’s class, we looked at submission counters to takedowns.   The lesson warmed up with partner work. Stand-up grappling warm-up included collar/elbow tie up bulling, over-hook/under-hook pummelling, takedown entries, arm-drag drilling and arm-drag/takedown counter drilling, whereas ground grappling warm-up included pin transitioning, guard transitioning, submission and sweep drilling. […]

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Elbows and Takedown Defence (diary entry)


01.02.17   Tonight we covered takedown defence with more practical application, working under pressure and the use of elbow strikes. After warming up with muscle engagement/mobility exercises for grappling, we did some mirror footwork. I then added on targeting for strikes, working from various angles. This then changed to cornering work, specifically escape from cornering. This exercise has a particular relevance to the fundamentals and principles of takedown defence, as a fighter defending a takedown needs to be wary of […]

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