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Mirror Stance MMA Transition (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.11.2022 Hour six of my client’s basic Mixed Martial Arts programme concentrated on another set-up from an angle. This time we looked at a more Muay Thai based combination compared to the Boxing based one from last week. We used a teep bait and scoop defence. The fighter throws a teep to the body to encourage a return in like from their opponent. Anticipating this retaliation, the fighter counters with a scooping block and then switch-kicks to the outside of […]

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Adapting Combination 14 (diary entry)

Straight right

17.05.21 Monday night’s lesson provided me with an interesting challenge. My two partner clients arrived at number 14 again, for the first time on the focus mitts, and there were a few adaptations I needed to make for one of them. You may recall during our previous Zoom sessions that one of my two clients underwent a knee operation. He trained all the way up to the operation and only took out one less afterwards. We have been working hard […]

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More Switch Kick & the Back Kick (diary entry)


07.07.20 The sixth hour of this particular client’s second MMA course continued work on the switch kick and also focused on the back kick. The lesson began with three rounds of shadow boxing. These were progressive rounds to warm-up and for muscle activation relevant to the areas covered today. The one minute rest periods between rounds consisted of continuous movement to keep the heart rate up. We then moved onto the switch kick and went over various principles such as […]

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The Switch-Kick (diary entry)

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30.06.20 Tonight my client arrived at the fifth hour of his second MMA course. He chose to take a break from ground and pound work to look technique detail on the switch-kick. We broke down different elements from this technique by isolating them and using them elsewhere before reintegrating them back into the switch-kick. This process began with the low lead round kick. Here we identified issues like pointing the toes and and balance. We performed a simple balancing combination […]

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Muay Thai Kicking Fundamentals Continues (diary entry)


12.02.19   Tonight my client reached the second hour his 10 hour course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Part of his course includes improving all round flexibility. Our warm consisted of several ballistic exercises and hip-opening movements. I did my best to work in some time management technique relevance. Standing leg raises were done off a Muay Thai stance and guard. Squats were done whilst throwing punches. I also included the wrestling exercise of Indian press-ups, […]

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