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Closed Guard in MMA & Passing the Knee Shield (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing4

23.03.2022 My final two lessons on Wednesday were my junior MMA and senior submission grappling lessons. In the former we went through standard defences from the back in the MMA. In order of priority mixed martial artists seek to escape, to sweep, to submit from guard. The advantages of gravity offered to a striker makes the guard a much more dangerous place in mixed martial arts compared to submission grappling. We looked at the hip-out escape to the feet, drilled […]

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Introducing the Guard (diary entry)

armbar from guard

22.10.19   After a layoff my client returned for the eighth hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. Due to the time off, my client has decided to book me in for an additional 10 hours when this course finishes. Clients typically add on two extra hours to a basic 10 hour course due to the sophistication of this discipline. Tonight we revised previous material with the exception of escaping pins and focused on the closed guard.   We began with […]

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Progressive Grappling Sparring (diary entry)


28.05.19   Tuesday night saw my client reach the sixth hour of his basic course in stand-up grappling. We continued work linking up grips, sweeps and takedown entries. I was keen to involve more live, resistance-based work but not at the cost of poor fundamentals. Therefore, the lesson was as follows:   Warm-up of Indian Press-ups and Squats, dynamic stretching and exercises geared towards the actions to be performed today. We then went back through all our break-fall/roll combinations at […]

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Hybrid Grappling (diary entry)

body clinch

23.04.19   Tuesday’s private lesson consisted of the second hour of my client’s Clinch/Stand-up Grappling course. We revised falls and rolls, turning them into muscle memory callisthenics. Then we resumed work within the clinch, looking at breaking posture, control positions, under-hooking and two basic sweep/throws.   The lesson began with a simple warm-up followed by Indian press-ups and squats. Then we moved onto rolls from the front, shoulder/side and back followed by front, side and back break falls, finally finished […]

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Beginning Clinch-Work (diary entry)


23.03.19 This morning my junior clients continued into their fourth hour of Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This lesson introduced the clinch and we also continued work on kick-catching. We warmed up with mobility exercises, dynamic stretching and specific callisthenics before we moved through basic punch, kick and knee combinations. This led us onto kick-catching and the importance of breaking an opponent’s postures. We covered both the cross-arm check from a round kick into a catch and […]

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Sweeps vs Angle Strikes (diary entry)


16.02.19 The first lesson of the morning was the final lesson of my client’s course on Martial Arts Cross Training. This class saw us revising stick and knife work before using them within the context of MMA ground-fighting. To set the scene for groundwork, we went over a series of sweeps, much as I had already done with my senior client last Wednesday. Training began with a warm-up of stick-work. We went through 12 angles of the single stick off […]

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Half-Guard Continues – Lockdown work begins (diary entry)


13.10.18   This morning we reached the five and a half hour point of this current further course on Mixed Martial Arts. Work on the half-guard continued and we covered a lot of material.   The warm-up consisted of a series of progressive sparring exercises. Working through the MMA ranges we began from cold with compliant, freestyle drilling. This built up to light specific sparring on the ground, including striking.   The bulk of the lesson concerned going through popular […]

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