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Spinning Elbow & Superman Punches (diary entry)

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11.08.20 Tuesday night’s second lesson ended my client’s 10 hour MMA course, latter part of which we have focused a lot on kicking. Tonight we began looking at the back kick, but seeing that my client might have a possible injury we readjusted to the spinning elbow, leading onto elbow combinations, set-ups for the smash-down elbow, the rear slashing elbow, the cobra punch, the jumping smash-down elbow and the superman punch.

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Cobra Punch and Back-Kicks (diary entry)


20.04.19 Saturday morning’s lesson was the third hour of my client’s tailored Stand-up Striking/Submission Grappling course. We continued looking at advanced Muay Thai techniques, set ups for the cobra/superman punch. We also spent a lot of time on the back kick. In Submission Grappling we moved onto the next pin escape, repeating the escapes from scarf-hold I did with my client on Wednesday. We warmed up with Indian press-ups and standing leg raises. Then we went to the focus mitts […]

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Peek-a-Boo & Muay Thai (diary entry)


10.09.18   Tonight’s family lesson consisted of half an hour peek-a-boo inspired Western Boxing for the junior client and advanced Muay Thai combinations for the senior client. Uncle and nephew did their own warm-up based on the fact that the uncle has been a client of mine since early 2014. This is a great way to keep the interest going outside of training time and in the family. I later had a report from the junior client’s mother that her […]

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