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Ground Fighting Begins (diary entry)


02.05.2022 Monday evening saw the beginning of my couple clients’ new course on submission grappling/ground fighting. The bulk of their previous submission grappling course was conducted at the beginning of the national lockdown and training was done online. Although a lot can be covered this way, and it is especially helpful when I have two clients working together, hands on training has its obvious advantages. We spent the first lesson revising the top position transition drill. I was happy to […]

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MMA Combination 8 & The Dead Orchid (diary entry)

jack and jamie pads 2

09.03.2022 Wednesday’s fifth and sixth lessons were junior MMA and senior Submission Grappling. In the former we looked closely at technique and the final combination of this set. In Submission Grappling we covered the dead orchid submission from the rubber guard. Junior MMA’s combination – slip/cross/hook/jab/jab/overhand right/double leg shot This combination begins with a power punch off a slip. Typically slipping is best done when an opponent throws a big punch and this slip cross is tailor made for taking […]

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Half-Guard & Lockdown (diary entry)


05.01.2022 Wednesday night I continued my current Submission Grappling programme with my veteran client followed by a stretching routine. We focused on the half-guard tonight. This began with the classic half-guard work that marries up with the butterfly guard sweeps we used before the Christmas break. In short, we looked at framing and transitioning to the dog-fight position. From here the fighter has option to shoot for the sweep or to attack the back. This is dependent on whether the […]

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Muay Thai introduction & Butterfly Guard (diary entry)

Shadow Scarf Hold

15.12.2021 Wednesday night saw the start of a new junior client who is interested in learning some Kickboxing/Muay Thai and more work with my senior client on submission grappling where we covered the butterfly guard. Muay Thai training consisted of learning the jab, the straight right and the teep. These were trained in isolation and combined in different ways. After the warm-up I introduced each technique first through shadow work then target placement and finally on the focus mitts. Submission […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Ground Pins (diary entry)

mikael zoom teaching

16.11.2021 Tuesday night my client’s teacher development programme booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom reached its 11th hour. Originally this course was booked for 10 hours, but early on an extra hour was added now yet another hour has been added for next week. This is little surprising given the amount of content present in ground fighting. Although my client is a highly experienced martial arts teacher with an experienced and very able co-teacher as his training partner, […]

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Deconstructing Basics (diary entry)


02.03.21 Work continues in my teacher consultancy regarding the progress of sparring/pressure-testing for grades, especially but not exclusively to child students. As my progressive and proactive client suggested, we began at the beginning and looked at where and how sparring should be introduced. Key things to consider would be that gradings would not be a test for everything. A club does not have to have sparring in the first grading and yet students by this stage can be accustomed to […]

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Knee Bar from Below (diary entry)

knee bar from bottom 3

15.12.20 My teacher consultancy lesson continued work on the knee-bar. This included a revision of the front and back spinning knee-bars from the top position before we began work with the knee bar from the bottom position. In this latter instance we began from the half-guard shell. This is quite a big departure from the lockdown style of fighting we were using when previously attacking from the half-guard. The half-guard shell uses more a knee and shin sheild to frame […]

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Heat-Seeking Kimura (diary entry)

tracey lee 8

26.09.20 Saturday evening saw more teacher consultancy. I trained two martial arts teachers occupying the same bubble, continuing their ground fighting. We transitioned through pins and then focused on the kimura. This very important and versatile key-lock can pulled out of a variety of different positions, and the grip itself is a very effective submission grappling tool. Single areas covered included standing, from closed guard and reverse scarf-hold. We also performed what one of my clients eloquently described as the […]

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Ground-Fighting – Pins

ground vijay

24.09.20 Thursday night I was booked to teach a martial arts teacher and his family some more ground-fighting and submission work. We went through the pinning drill both clockwise and anti-clockwise – side-control/under-hook scarf-hold/north-south/under-hook scarf-hold/side-control/knee-pin/side-control/reverse scarf-hold/full mount/knee-pin. We briefly went over arm-triangles from scarf-hold and an arm-bar knee-pin. After this we looked at two escapes from side-control: the reversal and snaking to guard.

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Explosive Guard Passes & Attacking the Shoulder (diary entry)

Shoulder lock diary

14.09.20 The sixth hour of my clients’ Submission Grappling course looked at footwork for guard passes, an explosive stacking pass and the omoplata shoulder lock from guard and sparring. My two clients began with a warm-up of footwork exercises. We used the toe-to-line footwork drill for guard passing. This begins with simple forward and backward rhythmic movements, keeping the posture low. We then progressed with side-steps and crescent steps before moving onto going through the guard and passing guard into […]

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Combat Base Guard Pass (diary entry)

combat base diary

31.08.20 Monday night brought my client up to the fourth hour of their current Submission Grappling course. Tonight we looked at guard-passing and focused on the combat base posture. I find this posture is be very effective and efficient, and a great way to look at taking a guard apart. Having found ourselves in a standing pass position with the final technique I went back to the perspective of person holding guard and introduced the long-guard concept in submission grappling. […]

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Lockdown Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.50.32

10.08.20 Monday night’s lesson was the second hour of my client’s new course on submission grappling. We went over last week’s material on the arm-bar and triangle choke from guard, but this time brought in flow drills and did two rounds of specific sparring – guard-passing.

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Arm-Bars & Triangle Chokes (diary entry)

triangle choke solo

03.08.20 Monday night’s first lesson saw the beginning of my client’s new course. We are continuing from where we left off with Submission Grappling from the previous course. Tonight we worked on arm-bars from guard and leg triangle chokes. This was a very technical lesson, beginning with the usual series of ground-fighting related callisthenics and movement exercises followed by learning the individual techniques, and finished with some muscle memory drills. These two moves were first taught with a set up […]

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Defence from the Guard (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 14.24.17

27.07.20 Monday’s lesson covered the hip bump sweep, the Kimura from guard, the scissor sweep and we started the arm-bar. This is the penultimate hour of their 10 hour course. The warm-up consisted of several solo ground-fighting exercises before the two lockdown partners performed their first fully resistant exercise. This was a type of long-guard game where one tries to touch the others head whilst the other fights from their back, using their legs to keep them away. It serves […]

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Escape from Knee-Pin (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 19.14.13

29.06.30 Monday night brought my client up to the sixth hour of her second MMA course. In line with current restictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been running these via Skype and she has been training with her lockdown partner. This second course has really only focused on Submission Grappling. We arrived at escapes from the knee pin (aka knee-on-stomach). The lesson began with a warm-up of ground-fighting callisthenics and dynamic stretching. We then went into pin transitioning. […]

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Three Half-Guard Attacks (diary entry)

half guard attack

11.03.20   Wednesday night’s junior Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting lesson brought us onto strategies from half-guard. The senior MMA lesson continued work focusing on how different disciplines relate to the entire game.   After a warm-up of callisthenics specific for grappling, the junior lesson began with the half-guard. This is the basic half-guard which better suited for Submission Grappling than MMA. We started with the dog-fight sweep which is a very low line attack and is a good beginner position because it […]

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