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MMA Guard-Work (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing4

25.08.18 This morning my client completed his seventh hour of a 10 hour course on MMA Ground-Fighting. We continued our work on fighting from the top position in the guard and then began work from the guard position for MMA. Striking and defending strikes from these positions is an art unto itself, requiring a lot of work looking at how to transition effectively. We warmed up with both top and bottom position callisthenics. Bear crawls, stiff-legged bear crawls, lizard crawls, […]

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North-South and Fighting in the Guard (diary entry)


13.08.18   My client’s course on Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting reached the four and a half hour point. Tonight we continued work on the top position, adding in some extra options from side control and working on the north-south pin. We then began looking at fighting inside the guard.   Warm-up consisted of a series of mainly top position calisthenics – bear crawls, stiff-legged bear crawls, frog jumps, monkey crawls, lizard crawls, press-up jumps, row walks, knee-pin transitions, seal crawls […]

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Ground ‘n Pound Begins! (diary entry)


26.07.2018   This evening saw the beginning of my client’s first lesson in MMA ground-fighting. As the title suggests, this will involve both striking and submission work from top and underneath positions. My starting point for this course was to look at establishing strong pins and transitioning through pins to work the top position. In order to do this the fighter needs to have specifically trained core muscles. He needs to be able to coordinate weight distribution, maintain firm stability […]

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MMA through the Ranges at Kingham Hill

armbar from guard5

20.06.18   Today was the final lesson of this term’s course on Self-Defence/Mixed Martial Arts. Last lesson we switched entirely over to the MMA programme. This lesson offered a mixture of basic footwork, clinch, kicks and submissions.   The warm-up began with various techniques on the move – blitzing/bull-rush forwards, side-step transitioning from stand-up to clinch ranges, sprawl/knee combinations, snaking/shrimping and bear crawls. Everyone then partnered off for some important mirror footwork and coaching. Simple prompts consisted of jab/cross, sprawls, […]

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Triangle Choke in MMA (diary entry)


22.03.17   Having covered countering the leg triangle choke in MMA we looked at setting up the choke itself.  The lesson began with the usual series of mobility and muscle engagement exercises with a special focus on groundwork movements. We then began deconstructing the technique.   This time, when it came to the set-up, I looked at the importance of using the guard to immediately break the opponent’s posture. During the previous two lessons with this client – where we […]

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Stand-up, clinch and ground variations (diary)

  30.03.16   Tonight was the second in CCMA’s second course on Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. We had an extended lesson, working on several different variations between the ranges. A similar format will follow next week.   We started off with some simple sport specific movement exercises. This began with shadow boxing, moving onto partner work. I had my client perform repetitions of jab-slipping and rolling off hooks into hooks and uppercut/hooks. This movement was then applied […]

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