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12 Rounds of Grappling-Based MMA (diary entry)

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14.09.2021 Sticking to the 12 x 3 minute round formula, my client covered specific areas of mixed martial arts training. We began with our usual warm-up of dynamic stretches and the full body flow drill. Then we moved onto the rounds. Round 1 – Striking (stand-up) versus Pure Takedowns (clinch) Round 2 – Pure Takedowns (clinch) versus Striking (stand-up) Round 3 – Takedowns versus Takedown Defence (with striking) Round 4 – Takedown defence versus Takedowns (with striking) Round 5 – […]

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All Ranges MMA (diary entry)


11.12.19   Wednesday night saw my ongoing junior Submission Grappling and senior Mixed Martial Arts lessons. We continued our work on escaping the North-South position in the first class and I covered various areas in all three ranges of MMA in my second class.   We warmed up with stationary specific ground-grappling movements. This includes upas, snaking, sit-outs and lizard push-ups. Then we went straight to the North-South escape. We worked more on getting the upa movement structurally strong. Details […]

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